Unity 3D WebView Asset for Android and iOS

Available on the Unity Asset Store

Easily render and interact with web content in 3D on Android and iOS using the same code that powers the Vuplex VR/AR Browser.

  • Load a webpage from a URL or HTML string
  • Web content is automatically rendered onto an OpenGLES2-based Texture2D or the included prefab
  • C# source code for a unified API that is the same on both Android and iOS
  • Dispatch keyboard and mouse events programmatically
  • Resize and zoom programmatically
  • Prefab and demo scene for getting started
  • Execute arbitrary JavaScript in the context of the current page
  • API for sending arbitrary messages from C# to JavaScript and vice versa
  • Emits the following browser events in C#: TitleChanged, UrlChanged, PageLoadFailed
  • Includes a special mode for running on Oculus Go

Important notes:

  • The native Android and iOS libraries that this plugin calls into are provided as precompiled libraries; the native source code for them is not provided. For pricing on the version of this library that includes 100% of the native source code, please contact me.
  • Supports Android 5.0+ and iOS 10+
  • Since this library uses OpenGLES2 textures on both platforms, the host project must have its "Graphics API" setting set to OpenGLES2.
  • Currently, this library does not support video playback like the Vuplex VR/AR Browser app does. However, this library will be updated soon to include that functionality.