Unity 3D WebView for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS

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Easily render and interact with web content in 3D on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS using the same code that powers the Vuplex VR/AR Browser.


Featured Customers

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System requirements

  • Android 5.0+ (armv7, arm64, x86) with OpenGL graphics
  • iOS 10+, supports both Metal and OpenGL
  • Windows 8+ (x64, x86) with D3D11 graphics, Visual C++ redistributable required
  • macOS 10.10+ (x64) with Metal graphics
  • Unity 5.6+ (except versions 2017.3 - 2018.1 are unsupported on Windows due to a Unity bug)

Important notes

  • 3D WebView's native Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS plugins are provided as precompiled libraries, and the native source code for them is not provided.
  • Licensed primarily under the Vuplex Commercial Library License, with additional licenses for the following open source libraries:
  • On iOS, regular HTML5 video tags and videos on popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook work well, but some 3rd-party JS video widgets do not function as expected. To determine whether a specific site or video widget is compatible, try it first in the Vuplex VR Browser app.
  • Building for the Windows Store or Mac App Store is not supported.
  • Contact me if you have questions!