class : MonoBehaviour, IWebView

The Android IWebView implementation


Public methods


static AndroidWebView Instantiate()

Creates a new, uninitialized AndroidWebView instance. In order to create a webview in a platform-agnostic way, use WebViewFactory.GetInstance() instead.


void UseAlternativeInputEventSystem(bool useAlternativeInputEventSystem)

Some standalone VR systems (like Oculus Go and the Mirage Solo) use a version of Android where the primary system used for dispatching mouse and keyboard events stops working after a while. If you're running on one of those platforms, you can call this method to use an alternative input event system that doesn't stop working after a while. The tradeoff is that this alternative input event system doesn't handle mouse and keyboard events as accurately as the primary method does (e.g. scrolling in some elements may not work as expected).