Namespace: Vuplex.WebView

An interface implemented by a webview if it supports file selection. This interface doesn't cause a file selection UI to automatically be shown, but the application can use this interface's FileSelectionRequested event to detect when file selection is requested and then use a system API or third party asset to present the user with a file selection UI.


await webViewPrefab.WaitUntilInitialized();
var webViewWithFileSelection = webViewPrefab.WebView as IWithFileSelection;
if (webViewWithFileSelection != null) {
    webViewWithFileSelection.FileSelectionRequested += (sender, eventArgs) => {
        // Note: Here's where the application could use a system API or third party
        //       asset to show a file selection UI and then pass the selected file(s) to
        //       the Continue() callback.
        var filePaths = new string[] { "C:\Users\YourUser\Desktop\selected-file.txt" };


Public events


EventHandler<FileSelectionEventArgs> FileSelectionRequested

Indicates that the page requested a file selection dialog. This can happen, for example, when a file input is activated. Call the event args' Continue(filePaths) callback to provide a file selection or call Cancel() to cancel file selection.