Namespace: Vuplex.WebView

An interface implemented by a webview if it supports MovePointer(), which can be used to implement hover or drag interactions.


var webViewWithMovablePointer = webViewPrefab.WebView as IWithMovablePointer;
if (webViewWithMovablePointer != null) {
    // Move the pointer to (250px, 100px) in the web page.
    var normalizedPoint = new Vector2(250, 100) / webViewPrefab.WebView.SizeInPixels;


Public methods


void MovePointer(Vector2 point)

Moves the pointer to the given point in the webpage. This can be used to trigger hover effects in the page or can be used in conjunction with the IWithPointerDownAndUp interface to implement drag interactions.

The x and y components of the point are values in the range of [0, 1] that are normalized to the webview's width and height. For example, point.x = xInPixels / webView.SizeInPixels.x. Like in the browser, the origin is in the upper-left corner, the positive direction of the y-axis is down, and the positive direction of the x-axis is right.