class : MonoBehaviour

Script that can be attached to a GameObject with a mesh renderer in order to render the contents of the WebView onto the mesh. Note that WebViewPrefab takes care of handling this for you, so you only need to deal with ViewportMaterialView directly if you create IWebView instances outside of a prefab using Web.CreateWebView().


Public methods

Public properties


bool IsVideo

A property set via the Unity editor to indicate that the material should default to the video maerial instead of the viewport material. The video material has a lower render queue than the viewport material to ensure that videos are rendered behind the viewport.


Texture2D Texture

The texture for the view, which is a special texture created by Web.CreateTexture(). The texture is created asynchronously when Init() is called, this property will be null until the Initialized event is raised. If the webview raises its TextureChanged event, this property can be set to the new texture.

Public methods


void Init()

Initializes the view with the default material. Initialization is asynchronous, so the Texture property will be null until the Initialized event is raised.

Public events


EventHandler Initialized

Indicates when the view's Texture property has finished initializing after a call to the asynchronousInit() method.