Options that can be passed to WebViewPrefab.Instantiate() to alter the behavior of the WebView created.


Public properties


bool disableVideo

Videos are enabled by default, but you can disable them with this option if you know you will not need to render videos. Setting this option to true will prevent the prefab from allocating a second texture for video and prevent it from allocating resources for video playback.


WebPluginType[] preferredPlugins

3D WebView automatically selects which native plugin to use based on the build platform and which plugins are installed in the project. However, if you have multiple plugins installed for a single platform, this option can be used to specify which plugin to use in order to override the default behavior.

Currently, Android is the only platform that supports multiple 3D WebView plugins: WebPluginType.Android and WebPluginType.AndroidGecko. If both plugins are installed in the same project, WebPluginType.AndroidGecko will be used by default. However, you can override this to force WebPluginType.Android to be used instead by specifying preferredPlugins = new WebPluginType[] { WebPluginType.Android }.